What does The 100 look like?

Get a taste of what went down in 2018 in Hamburg, Germany


Why did we create The 100?


We, along with our peers, have spoken at and attended many conferences and events around the world and often returned back to our day to day life missing something. We didn’t feel a deeper connection to the speakers, organizers, or other attendees at these conferences and events. We reflected and unearthed a couple truths…


Conferences are not Human

We believe podiums should be reserved for orchestra conductors, stages reserved for musicals, and press seats for, well, press conferences. When was the last time you were able to ask a speaker a question at a conference? Felt comfortable asking a personal question in a room of ten thousand people? Shaken a speakers hand? Had a one-on-one conversation with them? Had lunch with them? Had a coffee with them? Created something tangible with them? Your answer is probably “never” on most counts. We wanted to change this. All of this is possible at The 100.


Conferences put Themes and Topics, before Formats. 

Narrowing conferences down to specific themes and topics is helpful for potential attendees to decide if they are interested in coming. But this is also limiting. If you’re only interested in one future-focused topic, then The 100 is likely not the right event for you. However, if you are a future-focused person, we will cover some of the most pressing questions facing our future. And instead of topics, we believe in formats. We feel that conferences need to be an equal balance of listening and doing. We want you to work on something of value with your fellow participants and speakers. The goal is to allow you to engage with speakers in the development of something you can take home with you, show your colleagues and family, and hopefully use in your daily life.


What is Future Summit Series?

Future Summit Series was created by Ryan McLaughlin and Miami Ad School as a new event series to bring future-focused formats together with pioneering individuals. The 100 is the signature event of Future Summit Series. Both Ryan McLaughlin and Miami Ad School have collaborated previously, developing micro-conferences, client events and salons in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and Hamburg. 


Who are the organizers?


Niklas Frings-Rupp

Co Founder, Miami Ad School Europe 

Niklas started his career as an account manager and later account director at international top agencies before founding Miami Ad School Europe/Hamburg with Oliver Voss in 2003, in 2009 a second school opened in Berlin. The school collected numerous top prizes at all major student award shows, became the most awarded school globally and was named best school in the world several times. D&AD named him best teacher in the world in 2010. Since 7 years he additionally organizes successful post graduate programs for the industry. 



Ryan McLaughlin

Founder, McL.digital 

Ryan has spent a considerable amount of time in the digital landscape, working with clients such as Nike, Converse, Toyota, VW, Capital One, Verizon, Walmart, Microsoft, BMW, Mercedes and more. Prior to founding McL.digital, Ryan was Chief Strategy Officer at Tribal DDB in New York, building new digital capabilities such as incubator programs for clients. Before making his way to Tribal DDB, Ryan was Director of Mobile and Social Platforms at R/GA, the Digital Agency of the Decade, where he was charged with digital transformation in the areas of Mobile, Social and Retail. Ryan has also held positions with Saatchi & Saatchi, Arnold, Initiative, and Modernista.

Next to his career in the digital field, he also presides over the Innovation Management Masters program at the Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation, lectures at the “Made in NY” Media Center, New York’s preeminent Incubator in Brooklyn, as well as The Miami Ad School in Miami, New York, Hamburg and Berlin.


Brian Gale

Co-Founder, BTblock

Brian has worked in advertising and marketing for the last 12 years. Starting off his career at Saatchi & Saatchi in Los Angeles, he then moved to San Francisco where he spent four and a half years leading a sales development team at publicly traded publishing firm, Future US – ideating and producing integrated marketing campaigns for clients such as Google, UBISOFT, Hyundai, NVIDIA, Bethesda and dozens more in the video game, music and tech industry. Following his tenure at Future, he led the marketing departments at other high-growth startups around the globe focused on AR/AI, Video Games, Adtech, 3D-printing and Blockchain. Brian holds an MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from ESADE in Barcelona, Spain and is the former Head of Growth for the Stellar Organization. Brian is currently co-founder at blockchain consultancy BTblock and serves as strategic advisor at dextroid.io, a decentralized exchange built on the 0x protocol, and at MCL.Digital, a CreativeShare consultancy specializing in digital transformation.


Ina Behrendt

Managing Director, Miami Ad School Europe

Ina Behrendt has been an award-winning Head of Design & Innovations in the digital field for more than 15 years – she is currently, since 2016 responsible as Managing Director Digital at 'The International Institute of Creative Innovations‘ – Miami Ad School Europe – one of the most awarded academies in world. Before joining the board, Ina worked overseas for Digital agencies like R/GA in NY or Razorfish, Sydney as a Creative Director and also won the Innovations award at SXSW 2016 in the USA. She also founded the ‚Women in Technology‘ initiative in Australia – designed to address the gender imbalance in the STEM fields.


Lindsey Lawrence

Lindsey specializes in event hacking and conceptualization for big brands looking to align themselves with tech communities and startup ecosystems worldwide. She has worked with world renowned brands such as Mercedes Benz, T-Systems, Google, Facebook, Airbus, Nike, SAP, BCG, McKinsey, and more.   

Lindsey holds a MBA from ESADE Business School in Barcelona and is the former Head of Partnerships at Tech Open Air, Europe's leading interdisciplinary technology conference.  

Currently, Lindsey is focusing on event consultancy for company-owned and niche events such as The 100, as well as collaborating with top European and US technology conferences to bring cutting-edge brands to their events.